Faboo Cakes - Make your celebration fabulous!
We love cupcakes! 
Faboo Cupcakes are  the perfect Happy Birthday,  office gift,  thank you,  get well pick me up or just 'have a happy day' gift.
$2.25 each for standard (sprinkles, etc...)
$3.00 for fancy (Mickey, Minnie, flowers, etc) 
$4.50 for Jumbo (sprinkles, etc) -serves 2
Raspberry Cream & Chocolate Custom Cupcakes Custom Cupcakes Cherry Vanilla Cupcake
Chocolate CupcakesEveryone on the team is a Star Player! Customize your party!Fun & Sassy Cupcakes
Pink & So Totally Minnie!Pirates!
Cupcake Tower:
Choose your theme & colors!
6cupcake tower Baby Shower centerpeice minnie cupcake centerpeice for a birthday party
Cupcake Bouquet:
Choose your colors & theme!
1 dozen $45.00
including containerCupcake bouquetcupcake bouquet