Faboo Cakes - Make your celebration fabulous!

Questions that we all have

 How many days in advance should I place my order?
A. Placing your order 2 weeks or more ahead ensures your date is available.
Q.  What type of payments do you accept?
A.  We accept cash & checks & credit cards
Q.  Do you deliver?
A.  We offer delivery in Hendersonville & outside of Hendersonville for cakes that serve 100 or more.
Q.  Can you copy a picture I saw in a magazine exactly?
A.  We love the art of cake & admire many other cake artists work. We are  always happy to use a picture as an inspiration to create the perfect cake for you. 
Out of respect for other cake artists we don't make 'exact' copies.
 Pictures, fabrics &  colors are all a great jumping off  points for  design.
During your cake consultation we will work with you to bring the cake of your dreams to life.
Q.  Can you make anything in cake? Can you make a drum set in cake?
A.  Yes! We love to create artistic & unique cakes. Bring us your best idea & we will design  a custom cake to make your party Faboo!
Q.  Can you add a picture to my cake?
A.  Yes, we can. You can have an edible picture added to your cake or you can choose a non- edible option.
Q.  Is EVERYTHING on the cake edible?
A.  We try and make everything on the cake edible. Cake artistry is the most fun when we can recreate everyday items in sugar. Some designs have crystals or wires that may not be edible. We will discuss all items on the cake with you during your consultation.
Q.  Can I order an allergy sensitive cake? How about a Gluten Free cake?
A.  We understand there are many modern allergy concerns. Unfortunately, we are unable to  accommodate special allergy requests at this time. We use nuts in some of our recipes.
Q. Is everything you do on your website?
A. No. We spend most of our time making cakes so check back frequently for new pictures &  designs. We are excited to bring you new ideas!